Kawie's picture books

About me

Kawie is really five years old but sometimes  pretends she's a grown-up. 

When she's pretending to be a grown-up Karen Kallis Cheesman would tell you that she graduated with a BFA from U.C.L.A., studied graphic design at the Pasadena Art Center, and that she was also an art director for Tarcher Publishing/Audio Renaissance. 

She exhibits her art in Los Angeles, Madrid, London, and Seoul.

In 2006, KK Ranch Productions optioned her screenplay "Morning Star and Moon," with Shirley MacLaine attached to play the lead, co-written with Carolyn Haywood. 

She lives with her Doggy in various airplanes and hotel rooms around the world and always packs her watercolor pencils, her Wonder Woman cup and plenty of chocolates for the journey.


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