Another Seahorse Story

Sandy was different from other seahorses. He wasn’t scared of anything, and because he wasn’t scared, and because he loved his family, he wanted to do nice things for them.

He showed his brothers the best places to hunt for shrimp. He showed his sisters the best places to hide. He showed his mom to the prettiest seaweed garden. But the thing he wanted to do above all, was show his dad the old pirate ship. He was hoping his dad would like the place so much, he’d want to move there.

“Dad, how about this Saturday?”

“I’d love to, Sandy, but I promised your mom I’d take her dancing.”

Dancing! They were always talking about dancing.

“How about Sunday?”

“Well, Sunday might be okay if I’m not giving birth.”

If he wasn’t dancing with mom, he was constantly giving us new brothers and sisters. It was really hard to nail him down.

Sandy sat with his old friend, Sam the Swordfish, and told him about his problem. “I don’t want to act like a know-it-all, but I just know that if I could convince Dad to move to the pirate ship, the family would be safe from those pesky fishing nets." 

The family was growing rapidly but just as quickly as Dad gave birth, it seemed more of them were being taken away, caught by fishermen and sold to make medicines in Asia.

Then it happened. One day while Sandy was out hunting shrimps with a couple thousand brothers of his, they heard the dreaded cry for help. They swam past the seaweed garden and there was Dad, trapped in a net.

“Don’t worry, Dad, we’ll get you out of there” said Sandy.

Sandy swam off to find Sam the Sword. Sam had been helpful the last time Sandy had rescued his cousins. But when Sandy and Sam returned, his brothers and Dad and the fishing net were nowhere to be seen.

“Hop on my back” said Sam. “We’ll find them.”

Sam was a fast swimmer. Off in the distance, Sandy spotted them. Seahorses have amazing eyesight. Sam swam faster, caught up, and cut them free.

Sandy’s dad and brothers were grateful.

“How can we ever thank you?” asked Dad.

“I know a way” said Sam the Sword. “Come on. I’ll give you all a lift home and we’ll stop by the old pirate ship on the way.” He gave Sandy a wink.

“All aboard for the pirate ship” shouted Sandy.

Sandy watched Dad’s face as they rode through the old wreck. For the first time, he saw hope in his father’s eyes. The place was beautiful, full of vast cavernous spaces, a roof over their heads. No fishing nets would ever get in there!

That look was all the thanks Sandy needed, but then Dad entwined his tail in Sandy’s.

“I’m proud of you, son. I should have listened to you before.”

Back home, Dad rounded up the family and announced the big move.

“Today is a special day. Sandy is a hero” he said.

Everyone packed their bags and followed Sandy to their new home in the pirate ship.


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