Where’s Bunny?

The morning was warm and sunny. When Doggy awoke, he scampered down the lane to find his best friend, Bunny Fluff.

“Hello, Mrs. Rabbit, can Bunny come out to play?”

“Oh dear! She isn’t here. I’ll help you find her.” 

(In the background, a group of little bunnies hide a cake. Mrs Rabbit gives them a conspiratorial wink.)

They set off in search of Bunny… 

(As they look under a bush and behind a tree, the little bunnies sneak out the back door with the cake.)

And they hadn’t gone far when they met the Squirrel brothers chasing each other around their tree.

“Hello Tic. Hello Tac. We’re looking for Bunny.” said Doggy.

“We haven’t seen her today.” Tic and Tac replied. 

(Tic & Tac exchange secretive smiles. Another few squirrels behind the tree hide bunches of balloons.)

“Hey! What’s this? It’s her hat. Are you sure you haven’t seen Bunny?” Doggy asked suspiciously.

“Hmm, we’d better come along and help you find her. Do you think she could be at the duck pond?” 

(Tic & Tac join Doggy & Mrs. Rabbit and follow them to the pond. In the background, a group of squirrels sneak off down a different path with the balloons.)

At the edge of the duck pond, Doggy barked out, “Hey ho, Quackers!”

Quackers gave a wave and paddled across. “Hello Doggy. Hello everyone. Where are you all going?”

“We're going to find Bunny. Have you seen her?” Doggy asked.

“Bunny Fluff? No. She hasn’t been here. I’d better come along and help you find her.” 

(In the background a group of ducks hide wrapped birthday presents in the reeds.)

Doggy trotted off, sniffing the ground. “She’s been here. I know she has. I can smell her perfume.” 

(In the background Mrs Rabbit is saying Shhh to Tic & Tac and Quackers.)

A bit further down the lane, Doggy found Dierdre Deer and the Little Fawns practicing their dance steps.

“Sorry to interrupt the lesson but have you seen Bunny? asked Doggy.

“We haven’t seen her today, have we girls?” said Dierdre Deer.

“No” Giggled all the little fawns. 

(The little fawns are dressed in ribbons and party clothes, hiding birthday invitations behind their backs.)

“Hey, what are you hiding?” asked Doggy.

“Nothing. Never you mind.” they said.

Mrs. Rabbit stepped in. “I have an idea that Bertie Bird would know where she is.” 

(As the entourage head for Bertie Bird’s tree house, the fawns fall into line and follow the others.)

Bertie Bird was having a jam session with his band ‘The Whistlers’.

Doggy ran to their tree and looked up into the branches. “Where’s Bunny?” he howled over the music. “I want Bunny!”

The Whistlers stopped playing their music. “I’ll find her for you.” said Bertie Bird.”

He flew high into the sky and looked over the hill, past the fruit orchard, to the bluebell meadow where he saw that all was prepared. He flew back to Doggy. “I see her. Come with us and we’ll show you where she is.” said Bertie Bird.

“Thank you.” said Doggy. “I would be very grateful.”

A great parade of animals followed Doggy as he chased the birds. 

(In the distance, more animals follow different paths to the same unseen spot.)

When they arrived in the meadow, Bertie and the Whistlers began to chirp “Happy Birthday.” 

(Wider angle to reveal a party with all the earlier clues in the picture – cake, presents, balloons, animals wearing party hats, a Happy Birthday banner, the fawns dancing on stage, and the Whistlers playing music.)

“SURPRISE!” shouted all the animals.

Bunny hopped over to Doggy. “Happy Birthday, Doggy.” she cried.

Doggy was so excited to see all his friends there, he jumped for joy. “Bunny, you’re the best!” He lifted her up and hugged her tight. “My special Bunny. My very best friend.”



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