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When Cammie goes to stay with Grammy, Grammy tells her she's going to get a big surprise. They spend an exciting week filled with wonderful surprises - baking cookies, playing ukulele, building a mermaid's sandcastle, and surfing at the beach. After each adventure, Cammie asks if this is her big surprise, but Grammy refuses to give away the secret. What on earth could the big surprise be? (To read the story and see the illustrations, click here.)


A mischievous orphaned puppy revels in the carefree life - living in a campground, stealing hot dogs, and carousing with the other vacationing dogs. But when he hears their stories about the family life and all the cuddles, he longs for a family of his own. Then one day, he meets the boy. Can he convince the boy's family to adopt him? (To read the story, click here.)


Doggy is looking for his best friend, Bunny. Where could she be? Doggy's friends help him search, but they know something Doggy doesn't know. Shh! It's a surprise. (To read the story, click here.)


Jack is bullied by the local street gang to trade his mom's flatscreen TV for some magic beans, but when a giant beanstalk sprouts overnight, he's surprised to find a friendly giant at the top who makes his dearest wish come true. (To read the story, click here.)


Two girls become instant friends when they discover they both wore silly socks to school one day. The fun snowballs until soon everyone in town is wearing them, including the teachers, the police force and the mayor. (To read the story, click here.)

ONE IN A MILLION - A Seahorse Story

Sandy has a million brothers and sisters! In a family that big, it's hard to get anyone's attention. He wants them all to see that he's special but they're too busy eating and staying safe. Fed up, he leaves home to prove he can do something special but finally discovers that what's most special is having a family to love... scales and all. (To read the story, click here.)

THE BIG MOVE - A Seahorse Story

Sandy wants to move to the old pirate ship where he and his family will be safe from those pesky fishing nets but can he convince his dad? (To read the story, click here.)

WHO'S AFRAID OF GIRLS? - A Seahorse Story

Sandy is the most fearless seahorse in the ocean. There's just one thing that scares him. GIRLS! And that's a secret he can't share with anyone except his old friend Sam the Sword. (To read the story, click here.)


A humorous look at the rollicking "fun" that happened when Daddy took his little ones to the grocery store one Saturday.


Bunny is quiet. Doggy is noisy. Bunny is little. Doggy is big. Bunny eats vegetables. Doggy eats meat. Bunny is scared. Doggy is brave. But they are best friends. Sometimes the most unlikely friendships are the best.


Patty and Anne are best friends until the day the new girl arrives. Patty feels left out and jealous. How will she resolve her problem and get her friend back?


A mother and daughter visit the Brattonsville Plantation and see how different life would have been if they'd lived there 200 years ago.


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